Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Spatial Exploration

The last couple of months, my daughter has been trying to fit objects into other objects.  Sometimes the objects fit, other times they do not.   She often gets frustrated after multiple attempts of doing her best to coerce an object (for example a ball) into another object that it was not meant to fit into (i.e., her shoe!)
I decided to bring out some of her toys that she had not interacted with in a while to further explore this new found interest in spatial exploration.  I brought back the classic sorting toy she received last year as well as one I made myself out of a cardboard box.  I used an old box and cut out various shapes on the top using an exact-o knife.  I also painted it to make it look appealing, ha!  My intention was to put an assortment of her toys and other household items with the box and ask Bean if any of them would fit through the cut outs in the box.  I put it right beside the sorting toy in hopes of her being able to identify the similarities. 
Bean seemed to enjoy filling the cardboard box with all sorts of toys and crayons and utensils.  I think I will bring it out again a few more times until she moves on from it.  While not the most fancy or aesthetically beautiful toy, it allowed Bean to further develop the skill of spatial exploration and I was happy to be able to provide an additional opportunity for her to do so.  Let me know how it goes if you decide to make a sorter box too!


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