Monday, 26 January 2015

Sensory Surprise Bag


To encourage the use of senses through exploration of new objects
(Skill: Sensory Discrimination)


For this activity, you can use any assortment of objects as long as they are safe and objects in which you think your child will be interested.  Some of the ones I used are:

  • scented pinecone
  • a clean sponge
  • ribbons of various colours
  • spikey rubber ball
  • lids from tubes of lotion
  • feathers
  • bath puff
  • a kid friendly bag or container to put it all into

My daughter had not seen any of these items prior to the activity so I was especially interested in seeing what she would do with them.  I placed the bag on the floor and Bean came to it and began reaching in and taking all of the items out.  She gave me each item as she took it out of the bag, so I used the opportunity to describe the " cinnamon scented, pointy pinecone", "spikey ball", "smooth ribbons" etc.  She was most interested in the ball as she really enjoys practicing playing catch.  It was a fun and quick activity that is also easy to put together in minutes.


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