Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Outdoor splashing but not in the pool!

One of the things I've noticed since becoming a parent is how many children's toys are plastic.  During Bean's first year, I tried to buy toys that were made of natural materials such as wood or cloth, but there are very few of them for older children.  Plus, my daughter LOVES duplo!

Since Bean enjoys the sand box at the park as well as the splash pad, we decided that the perfect outdoor toy for her would be a hand me down water table for both sand and water.   So far, we've only used it for water, because it's been very hot and humid lately.  I'm sure I'll let her have sand soon:)

We put her toy cars in there since there are two ramps, old measuring cups and tupperware and yoghurt containers that I cut holes out of the lids.

It's been a hit so far and hopefully continues to be!  What are your toddler's favourite water or sand toys?  Have you made any at home?


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