Friday, 23 January 2015

Edible Water Colours

Around this time last year, I wanted to let my daughter experiment with some form of painting or colouring. I was unable to find anything that was safe for her to put in her mouth yet still fun for her to use to paint.  Then I looked in my fridge- all the fruit and veggies in there!  I decided to shred or juice the fruit and vegetables and put them through a fine sieve to remove the pulp.  I was left with beautiful edible water colours.  I decided to let Bean use fingerling potatoes to dip into the paint instead of traditional brushes since back then, everything was a teething toy!  I used spinach, carrots and a mix of beets and blueberries for the three paints.  The colours were pretty faint when applied on the paper, but I don't think Bean minded the subtle colours.  The potatoes were great at moving the liquid around, but not so spongy of course, so I'd recommend using something else as "paint brushes".


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