Monday, 19 January 2015

Music Mondays

Exposing children to music early on has huge developmental benefits.  There are great music programs for even the youngest infant.  I have been taking Bean to a few different
music classes over the last year and a half but we are really enjoying our current class.  One of my favourite parts about the class is at the end when everyone selects an instrument to play to the music(recorded, instrumental mix).  I am amazed by how musically inclined children are.  They shake their bells and hit the bongos to the music or just dance with their instruments.  
I liked this idea so much that I decided I would have Music Mondays for Bean.  
I just thought I would put all of Bean’s instruments out and put her other toys aside and turn on music and start playing an instrument to the beat of the music. Bean has access to all of her toys any time she would like (although I do rotate) but when I put specific ones out, it definitely gets her attention.
We’ve only done it a couple of weeks, but it’s really fun. We select popular songs that she likes already, so she’s already having a good time!


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